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Textile Ducting

Specialist Ventilation Services Limited can offer a full design and selection service for our range of Fabric Air.
Textile ducts are used for draught-free air distribution and delivery of conditioned air instead of traditional spiral or rectangular steel ducts with grilles and diffusers. The system can be suspended on virtually any type of ceiling as the fabric only weighs approx. 300 g/m2. The system is very flexible and can be tailored to all possible dimensions, shapes and lengths for almost all types of rooms. All products are carefully tested, easy to install, and easy to take down for washing or cleaning without using special tools.

Textile Ducts in Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres
Whether you exercise in a sports centre, fitness studio or enjoy yourself in a swimming pool there is a need for quality indoor environment, after all, you actually pay to be there! In such facilities there must be a certain rate of air of changes per hour, otherwise it will you soon feel sweaty and the fabric of the building damp.

Sports Arenas

Sports Arenas

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Textile Ducting in Labs and Clean rooms

Ventilating a laboratory or a clean room often calls for a high air change rate either in order to compensate for the air being
exhausted (fume cupboard labs) or to match the specification of a clean room (>20 A/C’s/Hr).

Common to both solutions is the delivery of air that does not damage the flow around the exhaust or cause a short-circuit.
Furthermore, it is quite a task to ensure draught-free air distribution in a typical laboratory that has low ceiling levels.
Specialist ventilation and
Fabric Air have many years of experience with "quiet" ventilation of laboratories and are able to offer special certified materials for clean rooms.

Laboratories Laboratories
Offices Offices
Industrial Industrial
Auditorium Auditorium


Textile Ducting in Offices, Canteens and Industrial Applications
Problems of draught, bad air distribution or stuffy air may sound like a choice between two evils, however, this is quite common in many offices with mechanical ventilation or small comfort cooling systems but it does not have to be so! We should be very pleased to place our know-how at your service when it comes to dimensioning a good air distribution system - without problems of draught. We have installed fabric duct systems in Offices, Canteens, Food Processing Facilities, Newspaper Printing Facilities, TV Studios, in fact almost any application you can imagine which requires a Low Noise – High Air Quality ventilation system.



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